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Kangana Ranaut says Agnipath scheme needed for ‘youth getting destroyed in PUBG’

Actor Kangana Ranaut has come out in support of the Centre’s Agnipath scheme, for the recruitment of soldiers in the armed forces, adding that she appreciates it. Kangana cited the example of Israel which made Army ‘training compulsory for the youth’.

Kangana spoke about students attending Gurukul in the olden days and comparing it to the Agnipath scheme she said that ‘it’s almost like that’ but they are getting paid. She added that as a ‘shocking percentage’ of youth are ‘getting destroyed in drugs and PUBG’ they need these reforms.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Kangana wrote, “Many nations like Israel have made army training compulsory for all their youth, few years every one gives to the army to learn life values like discipline, nationalism and what it means to guard your country’s borders.”

She added, “#agnipathscheme has deeper meaning than just getting building careers, employment or making money…. In olden days everyone went to Gurukul its almost like that it’s just that they getting paid to do it, shocking percentage of youth that’s getting destroyed in drugs and pubG needs these reforms…appreciate the government for taking these initiatives (folded hands emoji).”

The Agnipath scheme proposes to recruit soldiers for four years and retire 75 per cent of them without pension and other social security benefits after the end of their term. Under the scheme, youngsters between 17.5 and 23 years of age will be recruited for the said period. While 75 per cent of them will have to take compulsory retirement, the remainder will continue serving. The selection will be made based on their performance and is applicable to those wanting to join the Indian Army, Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force.

However, the scheme has been met with violent protests by youth in various parts of the country. As per a PTI report, roads and railway tracks have been blocked and train coaches were set on fire. The Indian Railways has cancelled 369 trains on Saturday.

Kangana will be next seen in Tejas, where she portrays the role of an Indian Air force officer. The film will release later this year. She will also be seen in Emergency, which is based on the life of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Apart from it, Kangana is also coming up with Tiku Weds Sheru, which stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Avneet Kaur in the lead roles. Kangana was recently seen in the film Dhaakad.

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