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Ohio McDonald’s outlet temporarily shut down after customer finds crack pipe in meal

2023-12-21 22:58:48

A McDonald’s outlet was temporarily shut down in United States’ Ohio after a customer reported to have found a crack pipe in a breakfast order. The customer brought the meal bag back to the store so that an object like that wouldn’t “end up in a Happy Meal”.

The customer posted his experience in a post on Reddit, where he said he and his girlfriend found a crack pipe in a breakfast order from the restaurant’s drive-thru.

A crack pipe is a vessel used for smoking hard drugs, like crack cocaine or methamphetamine.

When he took the package back to the outlet, he was offered a refund, which he declined. He instead reported the incident to Franklin County Public Health, the New York Post reported.

An emergency health inspection took place at the outlet located at 619 Harrisburg Pike at West Mound Street, following which, it was temporarily shut down.

The health agency gave the outlet until January 4 to make fix the health code violations, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

However, a Columbus Public Health spokeswoman confirmed that the outlet was reopened after the temporary closure, the report further stated.

Alex Mendoza, the fast food chain outlet’s owner, said that the temporary closure was prompted due to a “dust issue” and not because of the customer’s reported finding of a crack pipe in a meal.

“We have no indication that the (crack pipe) came from our restaurant but are continuing to investigate and have contacted local law enforcement to report the matter,” he told the Columbus Dispatch.

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Poorva Joshi

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Dec 22, 2023

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