Assam Tightens Border As Hundreds Flee Manipur Amid Fresh Violence

2024-06-10 01:32:21

Assam Tightens Border As Hundreds Flee Manipur Amid Fresh Violence

The latest surge in violence began on June 6, following the discovery of the body of a farmer.


In the wake of fresh violence in Manipur’s Jiribam district, Assam on Sunday intensified security measures along its interstate border, particularly in the Lakhipur area of Cachar district. The recent unrest in Manipur has prompted hundreds to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring Assam, amid the ongoing ethnic tensions that have plagued the region since May 3 of last year.

The latest surge in violence began on June 6, following the discovery of the body of Soibam Saratkumar Singh, a 59-year-old Meitei farmer who had been missing for weeks. His death sparked outrage among local residents, who converged on the Jiribam police station, demanding the right to arm themselves for protection. This escalation led the Jiribam District Magistrate to impose a district-wide curfew in an effort to curb the violence.

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The situation quickly spilled over into Assam, with approximately 600 individuals from various ethnic backgrounds fleeing to Lakhipur in Cachar district. These displaced persons have sought shelter with relatives, hoping to escape the violence that has erupted in their home state.

In response to the influx and to prevent the violence from crossing the border, Assam Police has significantly ramped up security measures. Special commando units have been deployed along the Assam-Manipur border, and regular patrols have been initiated to maintain order and reassure the local population.

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Numal Mahatta, the Superintendent of Police in Cachar, said, “After the incidents of violence in Manipur’s Jiribam, we have deployed sufficient security, including our special commando force in the bordering areas. They are conducting regular patrols, and the people are living peacefully in Lakhipur. Nearly 600 people have taken shelter with their relatives after the violence erupted on the other side of the border. We are closely monitoring the situation to ensure that similar incidents do not occur in our state.”

Mr Mahatta praised the collaborative efforts between the police and the local community, adding, “The public has been very cooperative. We have convened a peace committee in Lakhipur, and security has been bolstered. If anyone attempts to destabilize the peaceful atmosphere, we will take legal action against them. Our Chief Minister has instructed us to provide shelter to those fleeing violence from the neighbouring state, but proper listing and documentation must be conducted.”

The situation in Jiribam remains tense, with ongoing efforts to manage the unrest and prevent further escalation. The curfew, imposed on June 6, continues to be in effect as authorities work to stabilise the region and prevent further violence.

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