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Niraj Shah, Wayfair CEO, pushes for longer work hours, says ‘winning requires hard work’

2023-12-23 00:35:46

Indian American businessman and Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah called for longer work hours, and has asked employees to “blend work with life”.

“Winning requires hard work,” Shah said in a note to his employees, according to a CNN report.

“Working long hours, being responsive, blending work and life, is not anything to shy away from. There is not a lot of history of laziness being rewarded with success,” the message further read.

Niraj Shah shared his opinion with Wayfair employees earlier this month, celebrating the company’s success.

He also shared insights on how money should be spent and urged the employees to negotiate prices. “Would you spend money on that, would you spend that much money for that thing, does that price seem reasonable, and lastly — have you negotiated the price?” he asked the employees in the note.

Wayfair, an e-commerce company based in Boston, Massachusetts, saw good business in the pandemic, as people bought furniture and home goods from the online store company.

CNN had earlier reported that Wayfair cut down on 5 per cent of its workforce in 2022. However, Niraj Shah, in his note, said that the company is back to making a profit.

“Together we can win much faster than we are winning now if we all row in this direction together. Let’s be aggressive, pragmatic, frugal, agile, customer-oriented, and smart,” Shah’s note read.

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Poorva Joshi

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Dec 23, 2023

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