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Hundreds Of People Break Into US Bakery After Crashing Car, Loot Food And Cash

2024-01-04 12:53:06

Video: Hundreds Of People Break Into US Bakery After Crashing Car, Loot Food And Cash

No arrests were made, as the crowd scattered when law enforcement showed up.

Over 100 people ransacked a bakery in California early Tuesday morning after a nearby illegal street takeover, New York Post reported. A street takeover is when a group of people gather at an intersection or parking lot to show off their cars and driving skills. 

According to The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the incident occurred outside Ruben’s Bakery & Mexican Food Inc., situated at 2701 N. Santa Fe Ave. During the street takeover, about 100 people broke into the bakery after a white car repeatedly backed into the front door, so they could get inside. 

Videos of the incident that have gone viral on social media show dozens of people ransacking the store, taking lottery tickets, food, cash, and merchandise, leaving behind a massive mess and considerable damage. Several looters attempted to conceal their identities by either wearing a masks or holding their hoods over their faces with their hands.

Watch the video here:

When deputies arrived, they saw multiple people fleeing from the scene. According to the owner, losses included nearly $20,000 in earnings from the New Year’s Eve holiday weekend, as per CBS News.

Investigators said the group used a white Kia Soul to crash into the building. Sheriff’s Department will conduct a follow-up with the registered owner of the car that was used to ram the bakery, to ascertain whether it had been stolen before the incident.

Compton residents say street takeovers are getting out of control.  “Law enforcement should have stopped them before it got out of control,” one resident told FOX 11.

“When I walked in there and saw you had taken a car and pushed the door in, that was very disheartening for me. People are coming in and vandalizing, it’s just scary,” another resident told NBC Los Angeles.

Mayor Emma Sharif responded to these concerns, assuring that “We do hear them and that we are listening to them. We do understand their concerns. We are working diligently to address those concerns.”

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