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Kriti Sanon: We end up making smaller budget on female protagonists

Better roles and better films are being scripted for women, feels actor Kriti Sanon, but wonders where are the better budgets. The actor says people in the industry are still hesitant to take big risks and leap with projects being driven by female protagonists.

However, she believes in taking baby steps, and hopes soon things will change for good.

“To be honest, there were very strong characters which were written for women earlier as well, be it Mother India or ChaalBaaz. There were so many amazing, strong, meaty characters being churned out for women. So, that was always there. Today, the number has increased,” Sanon tells us.

The 31-year-old continues, “Now women have also become very hungry for substantial parts. And that has added to the supply, in fact, demand is also there with wanting to watch these stories. Now, people want good content, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman, a star or now”.

Despite the positive signs, the Heropanti actor feels that the area of improvement is large.

“There are films that are made with female actors as the main protagonist, now, I hope that people start making these films at a much higher scale, like how we make a male centric film, with the same conviction,” says the actor, who recently completed eight years in the industry.

Sanon picks Alia Bhatt’s success note of Gangubai Kathiawadi to explain her point. “It is probably the first film around a female protagonist at that scale. That’s how it should be. Sometimes we end up making films around female protagonists at a smaller budget, because we feel that it’s not going to do as much business. And it also doesn’t end up doing as much business because it is made on a smaller scale,” she says, adding, “that conviction and risk is something which I want to see. I hope it becomes a norm”.

When the female centric films turn larger than life, Sanon feels it will open doors of success for such films at the box office. “And I feel it is the truth. In fact, the gender disparity, whatever we see around us, will also start fading slowly,” she concludes on a hopeful note.

Coming to her work, the actor is loving the current phase of her career. “It is a phase that every actor aspires to be in when they start their journey,” she says.

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