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VVS Laxman, Daniel Vettori Appointed To ICC Men’s Cricket Committee

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday confirmed the appointment of former cricketers VVS Laxman and Daniel Vettori to the ICC Men’s Cricket Committee as current player representatives. “Roger Harper has been selected as the second past player representative on the committee joining Mahela Jayawardene,” stated an official ICC media release.

The ICC Board also received an update from the Afghanistan Working Group, and the Afghanistan Cricket Board representatives provided an update on the situation relating to women’s cricket in Afghanistan.

ICC representatives will be seeking to meet with Afghanistan Cricket Board and government officials to discuss the matter further in the coming weeks.

The growth of global cricket is being celebrated as the ICC welcomed its newest Members with Cambodia, Cote D’Ivoire and Uzbekistan all receiving Associate Membership status.

Cambodia and Uzbekistan are the 24th and 25th Members of the Asia region, whilst Cote D’Ivoire is Africa’s 21st Member, with the ICC now comprising 108 Members in total, including 96 Associates.

“In addition, Ukraine’s application for ICC Membership is deferred until cricket activity is able to safely resume within the country and it can demonstrate that it satisfies 2.2(b)(ii) and 2.2(c)(iii) of the Membership Criteria. The ICC continues to support the Ukraine Cricket Federation through this process,” stated an official statement.

Following Russia’s suspension at the 2021 AGM due to continued non-compliance since July 2019 with ICC Membership Criteria 2.2(a)(i), 2.2(b)(i) and 2.2(b)(ii) and after failing to resolve the issues and demonstrate compliance following suspension, Cricket Russia has now had its Membership of the ICC terminated.

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