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Google Now Allow Users to Manually Add Passwords to Manager on Chrome, Android

Google has announced a new update for the Google Password Manager that will now allow users to manually add password on Chrome and Android. The new update will also provide a consistent and unified user interface experience on Chrome as well as Android. Users can now add a Google Password Manager shortcut on the home screen of their Android phone. Google claims that this new update will bring more powerful password protection by creating strong passwords for users across platforms and will ensure that credentials aren’t compromised.

In a blog post, Google has announced that starting Thursday, June 30 the internet giant will roll out a new update for Google Password Manager that will add a slew of features to the existing version of the password manager.

Google’s new feature will allow users to manually enter their passwords to the Google Password Manager directly across platforms, like Chrome and Android. Google says this is aimed at making the process of password management more simplified. The internet giant is also adding consistent and unified password management experience on Chrome and Android settings. With the new update, Google Password Manager will club together multiple passwords for same websites and applications. Google will also let users add a shortcut of the password manager to the home screen of their Android smartphone.

Other features on the new Google Password Manager update will include more powerful password protection settings. The new password manager will create strong and unique passwords for users across platforms, including iOS, and will ensure that the passwords don’t get compromised while browsing the web. In order to let the password manager create passwords for your iOS applications, users will have to set Chrome as their autofill provider.

Although, Google Password Manager will check a user’s passwords while they enter it, users can also choose to check the passwords in bulk with Password Checkup. On Android, Chrome will flag both, compromised credentials and weak or re-used passwords. Users can fix such passwords with new automated password change feature on Android. Google is extending its compromised password warnings feature to all Chrome users on Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Google is also bringing Touch-to-Login feature to Chrome on Android that will let users directly log in to sites from on overlay to expedite the process of logging in.

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