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Assam Police's New Year Advisory Has A Bollywood Twist

2023-12-31 05:55:49

Assam Police's New Year Advisory Has A Bollywood Twist

New Delhi:

Assam Police has issued an advisory for the New Year’s Eve bash. The department has urged everyone to have “safe celebrations”.

In a post, shared by the department on X (formerly Twitter), we can see three frames carrying instructions but with a Bollywood twist.

Urging to maintain the volume of music while partying, the text on the first slide read, “Aunty police bula lengi. [Aunty will call the police]. Cut the volume. Party sensibly.” 

For the unversed, the lines are from Badshah’s all-time hit Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai. The track was part of Sonam Kapoor’s film Khoobsurat.

In the next poster, the Assam Police urged the youth to not indulge in “drugs”, by using the lines from Emraan Hashmi’s killer hit track — Kaho Na Kaho.

The text read, “Kaho na kaho ye aankhen bolti hain. Don’t do drugs. Party sensibly.”

The Assam police also urged people to not drink and drive. “Pehla nasha, pehla khumar. Don’t drink and drive. Party sensibly.” Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumar is from the evergreen film Jo jeeta wohi sikandar.

These posters were shared along with the text, “This festive season, here’s some food for thought. Blockbuster super hits of safe celebrations.”

In another post, Assam Police said that it has a special feast awaited for all the traffic rule violators. While the menu included some mouthwatering dishes, the police simply gave it a twist with some of the official departmental names.

The poster began with a header that read, “Feast with Assam Police- a culinary code for a safe New Year’s Eve celebration.”

The “Main course” included, “S.W.A.T. (Sandwiches with a twist) – sandwiches so safe, they come with a seat belt. Breathalyser Brownies- brownies with a friendly reminder to never underestimate the power of a breath analyser. Cuff & Cab combo- A delightful assortment of finger foods to keep you safe on the road. Momo Monitoring Platter- Monitoring is key, whether it is your plate or the road.”

The “desserts” menu included, “Cuffin’ cakes – Because we’d rather see you cuffin cupcakes than cuffs on New Year’s Eve. Custur-dy – Savour the sweetness of life responsibility, unlike reckless driving.”

In the “beverages”, the traffic rule violators will get, “Siren sips – refreshing beverages to keep you alert and sober.”

Sharing the post, Assam police wrote, “Join us for a taste of consequences you won’t forget. Rule Breaker Buffet- A special feast for drunk drivers and traffic violators on New Year’s Eve.”

Wishing everyone a happy and joyous new year.

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