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Woman With World’s Biggest Lips Gets More Fillers As Christmas Gift

2023-12-24 08:59:17

Woman With World's Biggest Lips Gets More Fillers As Christmas Gift

Ms Ivanova plans to “enhance” her face with more fillers next year.

Social media star Andrea Ivanova, the woman with the world’s biggest lips, recently got more lip fillers as a Christmas present to herself, as per a report in The Mirror. She has been “auctioning off mistletoe kisses for cash this festive season” and spent around 20,000 pounds on her pout.

Now, the 26-year-old is on a quest to set a new record for World’s Biggest Cheeks. She stated that she wishes to enter the new year with new procedures. She said, “I don’t know exactly how much I have in my face. I have constantly been putting it in for years, so the amount is quite large.”

However, she said that her friends and family are now extremely concerned about her health. “They (family and relatives) think that something bad will happen to me and that all beauty procedures may lead to fatal consequences in the future. I know they don’t like my appearance with all these changes, they think I’m too scandalous and unaesthetic – but I like myself too much in this way,” she told the outlet.

Ms Ivanova added that she plans to “enhance” her face with more fillers next year. “I’m an adult and I decide what to do with my body. Every year, I make new fillers a gift for myself,” she said.

The former philosophy student remarked, “I give myself new hyaluronic acid injections for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I like to go into the new year with many more new procedures and fillers. I love going for aesthetic procedures for my face, it’s my favourite activity and I’m very excited to have more. I can’t wait for the next on my whole face.”

She stated that she is ready to be in a relationship, but only if it’s with someone who embraces her and isn’t “hindered” by her appearance. “If I have a relationship with someone and he tells me that he’s uncomfortable when walking down the street with me or in public places, then we will break up,” Ms Ivanova said.

She added, “I will feel bad or offended, so I will then have to look for a new partner who won’t be hindered by my appearance. I would like to fall madly and truly in love and meet the right partner for me because love is the most beautiful thing in this world.”

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