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US Man Deobra Redden Denied Probation Jumps Over Bench, Attacks Nevada Judge Mary Kay Holthus Inside Courtroom

2024-01-04 09:49:21

Watch: US Man Denied Probation Jumps Over Bench, Attacks Judge Inside Court

The man launched himself over the judge’s bench to attack her

New Delhi:

A man denied probation attacked a judge in a courtroom in US’s Nevada during his sentencing on Wednesday. The attack was captured on camera.

Deobra Redden, 30, was in a Las Vegas court for a sentencing hearing yesterday morning when he attacked Judge Mary Kay Holthus. 

As per a statement from the Eighth Judicial District Court spokeswoman, Mr Redden had pleaded guilty to attempted battery with substantial bodily harm.

In a video that has now gone viral on social media, Mr Redden is seen screaming expletives while launching himself over the judge’s bench to attack her. A startled judge is seen trying to take cover. However, he takes the judge down with him, even as the flags behind the bench are seen crashing over them. People quickly gathered to restrain Mr Redden.

As per a New York Times report, the 62-year-old judge has sustained injuries, and “her condition is being monitored”. The report also quoted the court spokeswoman saying that a court marshal was injured in the attack and rushed to a hospital. He too is “believed to be in stable condition”, the report said.

A video of the incident was shared by journalist Alex Caprariello. The caption read, “This could be one of the most shocking courtroom videos I’ve ever seen. Three-time convicted felon Deobra Redden swan dives over the bench and attacks Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus. Before the attack, Redden’s attorney asked the judge for probation. The judge responds, ‘I think it’s time he gets a taste of something else’. Judge Holthus is okay, she hit her head in the attack. A marshal was injured trying to fight Redden off.”

“We commend the heroic acts of her staff, law enforcement, and all others who subdued the defendant. The court remains committed to a safe and secure courthouse and courtrooms. We are reviewing all our protocols and will do whatever is necessary to protect the judiciary, the public, and our employees,” USA TODAY quoted District Court spokeswoman Mary Ann Price.

The same report also stated that Redden was convicted of three felony charges in the past, including attempted theft in 2015, battery with substantial bodily harm in 2018, and battery constituting domestic violence in 2021. Additionally,  he also was convicted of a misdemeanour charge of battery in 2016 and a misdemeanour charge of destruction of property in 2023.

Meanwhile, as per the official website of the Eighth Judicial District Court, Judge Mary Kay Holthus took the Department 18 bench in January 2019, after more than 27 years of service with the Clark County District Attorney’s Office. She was also part of  the Special Victims’ Unit “where, for 16 years, she sought justice for victims of sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence.”

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