You are currently viewing Russian frontline troops hit by ‘mouse fever’ that causes eye bleed, claims Ukraine intel

Russian frontline troops hit by ‘mouse fever’ that causes eye bleed, claims Ukraine intel

2023-12-21 09:41:45

An outbreak of ‘mouse fever’ with symptoms ranging from vomiting and bleeding eyes is mowing down Russia’s frontline troops, Ukraine claimed, reported the Mirror.

The country’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) said the outbreak of the disease was seen among Russian units in Kupyansk, as troops were struggling with a lack of winter provisions.

It said the disease, a type of bacterial infection, was transmitted to humans through direct contact with rodents, or by inhaling their faeces. Listing several symptoms, it said it can cause a “severe headache, body temperature rising to 40 degrees, rashes and redness, decreased blood pressure, haemorrhages in the eyes, nausea and vomiting several times a day”.

The agency alleged that Russian commanders had dismissed complaints about the outbreak, viewing them as excuses to avoid combat. In the Kupyansk front direction, the directorate reported a widespread occurrence of mouse fever, significantly diminishing the fighting capability of Russian troops. Russian army personnel’s complaints about the fever have been disregarded by command, perceived as attempts to evade combat participation, with the initial stage of ‘mouse fever’ resembling the common flu.

As Ukraine’s armed forces shift to a more defensive stance following an unsuccessful summer counteroffensive against Russia’s army, they are fortifying field defences. Despite Western-supplied weapons, Ukraine’s recent assault faced resistance from the Kremlin’s deep defences along the approximately 600-mile front line, lacking crucial air cover.

Russian President Vladimir Putin anticipates that Western allies will tire of financing Ukraine’s costly war effort, enabling a new offensive push next year. In response, he has geared the Russian economy for war. However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy remains confident in the United States’ promise of billions in aid to support Kyiv’s ongoing fight.

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Poulami Kundu

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Dec 21, 2023

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