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Prague shooting at university many people killed injured in mass shooter eliminated say police

2023-12-21 15:09:03

Eleven people have been killed and nine others injured in a mass shooting at a school in the Czech Republic’s capital Prague. Czech Police said that the person who opened fire was eliminated but did not provide details of the identity of the victims or the shooter. The death count includes the eliminated shooter.

“The shooter has been eliminated !!! The entire building is currently being evacuated and there are several dead and dozens of injured,” Czech Police said.

“The building is still being evacuated as some students locked themselves in their rooms before the shooter,” the police said on social media.

The shooting reportedly took place at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts, near Prague’s Old Town, which is referred to as a major tourist spot.

“We urge citizens not to stay in the immediate vicinity and not to leave the house. The police intervention is still ongoing,” the police said.

The police, initially, said that a shooting in downtown Prague had killed an unspecified number of people and wounded others. The authorities added that the area has been cordoned off and urged residents to leave the surrounding streets and stay indoors.

“Based on initial information, we can confirm there are dead and injured people at the site,” the police had said initially.

Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan told local media that the person who opened fire was dead. He said there was no other gunman had been confirmed at the scene and there was no further imminent danger. He asked the locals to cooperate with the authorities.

Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda said the philosophy department of Charles University, located in the square, has been evacuated. The police have sealed off the area.

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Dec 21, 2023

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