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Netanyahu Heckled By Families Of Hostages During Parliament Speech

2023-12-26 02:21:01

Netanyahu Heckled By Families Of Hostages During Parliament Speech

There are 129 hostages still in Gaza.

Tel Aviv:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has encountered disruptions from family members of hostages held in Gaza, as he spoke during a special parliamentary session on Monday, CNN reported.

Holding posters and signs with their loved ones’ photos and names, the families expressed dissent as Netanyahu, who recently returned from Gaza, mentioned that troops needed more time for their operation.

As the families vocalised their disagreement, shouting “there is no time,” Netanyahu resumed, only to be met with chants of “Now! Now! Now!” from the families, according to CNN.

Reflecting on past interactions with families of fallen IDF soldiers, Netanyahu conveyed their determination, stating, “Our sons did not die in vain. We must not stop the war until we secure complete victory over those who wish us dead.”

Following this, family members in the Knesset gallery reiterated their calls, chanting, “Everyone – now! Everyone – now!”

Signs held by the families conveyed messages such as “we trust you to bring them home,” “80 days, each minute is like hell.” A sign questioned, “what if this were your daughter,” and rotated between “daughter,” “father,” and “brother.”

The prime minister said, “We spare no effort.”

Netanyahu emphasised the government’s relentless efforts, asserting, “We will shake every tree and turn every stone to bring back all the kidnapped. Each one of them is precious. Since the beginning of the war, I have met with the families of the abductees, and I hear your personal stories. What is said here unites the people and unites us in a holy mission.”

There are 129 hostages still in Gaza, according to the prime minister’s office. Of those, 22 are known to be dead, and their bodies remain in Gaza along with the 107 living hostages.

As the deadly conflict between Israel and Hamas persists, a dire humanitarian crisis unfolds.

Over 1,200 casualties have been reported in Israel, while in Gaza, the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health claims that more than 20,000 people have lost their lives since Hamas initiated unprecedented attacks on Israel on October 7.

The ensuing airstrikes have strained local hospitals, leading to the internal displacement of an estimated one million people in Gaza, an area known for its high population density, CNN reported.

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