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Donald Trump eyes Senator Marco Rubio as potential running mate

2024-03-21 16:07:20

Senator Marco Rubio, 52, representing Florida, is emerging as one of the potential vice-presidential picks for former President Donald Trump, according to sources familiar with Trump’s search for a running mate, reported NBC news.

Trump has a list of around 15 candidates for the vice-president’s position.

Last month, Trump expressed optimism during a Fox News town hall when questioned about a potential “short list” of running mates, including former Representative Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat-Hawaii), Senator Tim Scott (Republican-South Carolina), South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Representative Byron Donalds (Republican-Florida).


Trump’s apparent seriousness about Rubio hints at his priorities.

Rubio, the Miami-born son of working-class Cuban immigrants, is a third-term senator who looks good on paper and on television — a powerful combination for Trump, reported NBC news.

He has spent more time in federal office than Vice-President Kamala Harris and would be the first non-white person to make a Republican presidential ticket, aligning with Trump’s current focus on winning over Latino voters.

“It’s pretty clear from Trump’s orbit that Rubio is in play,” remarked a veteran Florida Grand Old Party (GOP) operative.

Despite his potential candidacy, there are constitutional considerations regarding Rubio’s eligibility.

The Constitution prohibits electors from voting for a president and a vice-president from their own states.

“The electors shall meet in their respective States, and vote by ballot for two persons, of whom one at least shall not be an Inhabitant of the same State with themselves,” Article II, Section I, Clause 3 reads.

In this regard, Dick Cheney, a long-time Texan, changed his residence from Texas to Wyoming to run as George Bush’s vice-presidential candidate in 2000.

Rubio himself has acknowledged the potential impediment, stating, “We’re both from the same state, so that’s probably not going to work that way.”

It’s uncertain whether Rubio would be willing to do the same, said NBC news portal.


Trump emphasised the importance of selecting the right person for the vice-presidential role, considering their ability to step into the presidency if needed.

He also suggested that historically, the vice presidential choice has little impact on the election outcome.

In assessing potential candidates, the Trump team plans to conduct auditions on the campaign trail, evaluating candidates’ abilities, including fundraising prowess.

Rubio, known for his fundraising abilities, raised nearly $50 million for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

There’s speculation in Florida political circles about Rubio resigning his Senate seat to join the ticket, potentially allowing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to appoint a replacement, according to NBC news.

Despite their past rivalry during the 2016 GOP nomination race, Rubio and Trump’s relationship has improved over time, with Rubio supporting Trump’s agenda and endorsing him in the recent primaries.

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