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What Is Bollywood's Way Of Being FriendZoned? Sonali Bendre

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Today on the show, we have with us the very dynamic Sonali Bendre. She is an Indian actress and model who has majorly worked in Hindi films, alongside Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Marathi language films. She established herself as one of the leading Indian actresses of the 90s and is known for her glamorous style statements. From her acting debut in 1994 with “Aag”, to movies like “Diljale” (1996), “Sarfarosh” (1999), “Hum Saath-Saath Hain” (1999), and so many more.

It was a true honour for me to host her at our space. The amount of positivity and warmth she generates with her in every room is truly magnetic. After talking to her so openly in this beautiful setting, I got to know her on an extremely deep level. In this episode, we spoke about the many aspects of her courageous personality, her habit of reading, meeting her husband, her early days in the industry, Bollywood in the 90s and so much more.

We also touched upon her battle with cancer which she faced in the year 2018, watch this episode to know the inspiring story of Sonali Bendre only on The Ranveer Show. Enjoy yourselves 🙂

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