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The DARK TRUTH of The BOLLYWOOD Music Industry

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Hello Flearners! This is Nikita and did you know that the Indian music industry is the largest around the world with an average Indian listener to almost 19 hours of music in a week. And that is interestingly almost 54 songs of 3-minutes music. But there are certain dark secrets that this industry harbors. Because of which a lot of top singers like Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet Sawant, Armaan Malik are claiming the mismanagement and favoritism going on in the industry which later on leads to cancel-culture! And interestingly this is not just limited to India but even the international music industry. According to Michael Franzese, who once upon a time was a Mob leader, the music industry is controlled by the Mafia. But why is the mafia interested in the music industry? If so, then who runs the Indian music industry? And what might be the other secrets that this glamorous industry has to hide? To know more, stay tuned for our video!!