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Twinkle Khanna says Sushmita Sen was honest even as stars claimed to be virgins

Twinkle Khanna and Sushmita Sen recently interacted for the former’s Youtube channel. During their conversation, Twinkle questioned Sushmita on several topics and praised her for speaking her mind. Responding to it, Sushmita said that she has intended to stay honest to herself.

Both Sushmita Sen and Twinkle are known for their honest opinion on their lives. Twinkle recalled Sushmita being open about plastic surgery and said, “I remember you were very open about plastic surgery, I thought it was remarkable. Nobody was talking about it. And you were very open about relationships, this was when a lot of famous men were claiming to be virgins and you were out there. Where did this candidness come from?” She also asked her if she paid a price for her thoughts or ‘just got away’ with it. The interaction was part of a series Twinkle hosts on her YouTube

Sushmita responded to her, “If you lose yourself, you are nothing that’s been my standard belief in life.” “I was just a person who wanted to be honest and speak my mind. And, learn how to speak it gracefully. You can say things very crassly but unfortunately when you do that your point is lost. Be it plastic surgery, men in my life, relationships, married men–whatever you think is a bad thing, it exists. Just get over it.”

Sushmita also said that she has done plenty mistakes in her life. However, she neither carry any guilt, nor bullsh*t about them. She added that she has lived them all. Sushmita also talked about her Miss Universe journey and how she debuted in Bollywood with Mahesh Bhatt’s film Dastak.

Sushmita entered the entertainment world after she won the Miss India and Miss Universe crowns in 1994. She started her film career a couple of years later. She last appeared in the Hotstar series Aarya.

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