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Ananya Panday On Her Fight With BFF Shanaya Kapoor: "I Pulled Her Hair And…"

2023-12-26 14:38:05

Ananya Panday On Her Fight With BFF Shanaya Kapoor: 'I Pulled Her Hair And...'

Still from a video shared on Instagram. (courtesy: shanayakapoor)

Ananya Panday’s Kho Gaye Hum Kahan has been finally released on the popular OTT platform, Netflix. Directed by Arjun Varain Singh, the movie also stars Siddhant Chaturvedi and Adarsh Gourav. In a recent interview with Netflix India, Ananya shared a childhood anecdote about a fight with her BFF Shanaya Kapoor. Ananya revealed, “Shanaya and I were walking out of Tryst one time. And she spoke to another girl and I got angry. And then, I pulled her hair and then she fell backwards. And then, she got really angry. And then she called me. And then, she cried and said, ‘You are my only friend’ and then I was like ‘Shut up.’” FYI: Shanaya is the daughter of Sanjay and Maheep Kapoor. 

Before this, Ananya Panday spoke about her childhood days with ETimes. She revealed that her parents, Chunky Panday and Bhavana Pandey, affectionately called her “AP – Attention Problems.” She said, “I used to trouble my friends a lot. So Ananya Panday – AP, my parents used to call me Attention Problems. Because I used to always want attention when I was younger. So If I was hanging with my friends and suddenly they were playing a game that I did not like. I’d be like, ‘I am leaving.’ And then Suhana (Khan) was so sweet, she would start crying and just be like, ‘Please don’t leave, please don’t leave,’ and hug me, and say, ‘We’ll play whatever game you want to.’”

“But then I think she (Suhana Khan) started catching on to this thing that I was doing and then one time she’s like, ‘ok. Leave.’ And then I left. We were like 10, so it’s not so dramatic. And then I left. I went home and I was like, ‘What do I do? No one’s calling me back or anything.’ So then I went back and I was like, ‘I just went to pick up my book actually,” Ananya Panday added.

Meanwhile, Kho Gaye Hum Kahan is hitting the right notes with fans and critics. In his review for NDTV, Saibal Chatterjee gave the film a solid 3-star rating and wrote, “Ananya Panday does a fair enough job of a character stuck in a single-note loop. It may be centred on the superficiality of cocooned lives, but Kho Gaye Hum Kahan finds depths and layers that stand it in good stead and make it a film to watch and mull over.”

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