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Mahua Moitra Dances With People To Mark Mahapanchami, Tweets “Lovely Moments”

New Delhi: Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra shared a video of her dancing with people as part of a procession to mark Mahapanchami celebrations in Nadia in West Bengal today.

In it, she matches step with other women on a Bengali folk song, walking the streets. The chorus goes, “Sohag chand bodoni dhoni nacho toh dekhi”, roughly translating to: “O beautiful woman, with a face like the moon, show me how you dance.”

Celebrated on the fifth day of the nine-day Navratri festival, Mahapanchami sees devotees worshipping the fifth incarnation of Durga.

Ms Moitra’s video got a number of replies — she has over 7 lakh Twitter followers — with responses such as, “Love your energy and fire” and “The way you connect with people, stay the same and stay blessed always”.

Known to be religious, Ms Moitra was recently trolled over speaking about different ways of worship: “For me, Goddess Kali is a meat-eating and alcohol-accepting goddess. If you go to Tarapith (a major shrine in Bengal’s Birbhum district), you will see sadhus smoking. That is the version of Kali people worship (there). I, within Hinduism, being a Kali worshipper, have the right to imagine Kali in that way; that is my freedom.”

She was trolled — primarily by political rival BJP, which said she had “insulted” the goddess — but she held her ground. “I have the freedom to do it (envision a meat-eating goddess) as much as you have the freedom to worship your god as vegetarian and white-clothed,” she’d said.

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