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BJP's "Sympathy" Jab After Haryana Congress MLA Loses Phone During Rally

2024-01-08 11:53:58

BJP's 'Sympathy' Jab After Haryana Congress MLA Loses Phone During Rally

Haryana Congress “congratulated” Induraj Narwal for successfully organizing the event

A Congress MLA from Haryana’s Baroda lost his mobile phone during the party’s ‘Jan Akrosh Rally’ in the area yesterday. Induraj Narwal ‘Bhalu’, the MLA from the Baroda constituency, informed supporters in a Facebook post, “expressing regret” that he cannot communicate with them.

The ruling BJP responded to the incident and said they have “full sympathy” with the MLA but had a suggestion for the “mobile thieves”.

Mr Narwal, in a Facebook post in Hindi, said, “Attention! Yesterday, during the Jan Akrosh Rally, I lost my mobile phone, so I could not communicate with everyone and I deeply regret it. Soon, my number will get activated.”

Haryana Congress “congratulated” Mr Narwal for successfully organizing the event but the BJP said, “In the alleged public anger rally in Baroda, the public became so angry that the organizer lost the mobile phone of MLA Bhalu ji.”

The BJP attached a screenshot of Mr Narwal’s Facebook post and said, “Poor ‘Bhalu’ ji forgot the rally and kept checking his mobile phone the whole day. We have full sympathy with you.”

Along with their “sympathy”, the BJP suggested that “mobile thieves should avoid the company of their supporters.” Assembly elections in Haryana are due later this year.

Congress MP Deepinder Singh Hooda, former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and other leaders were present at the rally in Haryana’s Sonipat. The ‘Jan Aakrosh Rally’ is aimed to bring focus on “unemployment, inflation and corruption” in BJP-ruled states.

Addressing the rally, Bhupinder Singh Hooda said, “I have come to seek ‘ijazat’ (permission) from you. ‘Ijazat’ for what? Someone referred to me as 76 years old, but I am neither retired nor tired. I want to fight one ‘aar-paar ki ladai’ with them. I have come to seek your ‘ijazat’ and support.” “In te panga le lu, ladai lad lu, saath doge,” Hooda said in Haryanvi, seeking support for his battle to oust the BJP from power in the state.

He said when his Congress party was in power, the state was a front-runner in per capita income, per capita investment, in giving employment, and on the law and order front. The situation was pretty good and Haryana moved ahead on the path of progress, he said.

“But where are we today? We are number one in unemployment, inflation, crime,” Mr Hooda claimed. Today, the condition of farmers is poor, he added.

Congress MP Deepender Singh Hooda said the eyes of the entire country will be on Haryana in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

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