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Arvind Kejriwal Over Delay In Nod For Singapore Visit

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal today asserted that there appears to be a “political reason” behind the delay in granting him permission to visit Singapore for a global summit.

Miffed over the pending clearance from the centre, Arvind Kejriwal stressed he wasn’t a criminal and his visit to the “World Cities Summit” in Singapore is a matter of national pride.

“I am not a criminal, I am an elected Chief Minister of a state,” Mr Kejriwal said.

Mr Kejriwal said he was invited to the summit by the Singapore government where he would apprise the world leaders about the Delhi model.

“It’s beyond my understanding why I’m being prohibited from visiting the summit. I think this visit would only bring more glory to India,” he said.

The AAP convenor said the country’s internal differences should not reflect on the global stage.

On Sunday, he wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested for the visit approval.

“The Government of Singapore has invited us to present the Delhi model at the global summit. During the summit, the Delhi model has to be presented in front of many big leaders of the world. Today the whole world wants to know about the Delhi model. This invitation is a matter of pride and honour for the country,” the letter stated.

“It is a matter of pride for India as the world is inspired by the health and education model of Delhi. The country will feel proud when I will present the model of Delhi’s schools, hospitals, mohalla clinics, free electricity and others. My Singapore visit will elevate the country’s pride and stature,” it added.

Mr Kejriwal was invited for the meet back in June by Singapore High Commissioner Simon Wong, but he is yet to receive permission for the visit.

He is expected to speak at the summit on August 1.

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