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UK Woman, Clinically Dead For 40 Minutes, Describes Experience After Waking Up

2023-12-29 04:01:26

UK Woman, Clinically Dead For 40 Minutes, Describes Experience After Waking Up

Kirsty Bortoft was placed into a medically induced coma.

Kirsty Bortoft, mother of three kids, planned a cozy night with her partner Stu, but hours later, he found her “lifeless” on the sofa. Doctors revived her after 40 minutes, but during that time, Kirsty claims she saw various things, according to The Metro. Eyes wide open, she described “strange” patterns on her skin and witnessed unknown happenings. Now, she shared her near-death experience, leaving everyone curious about what she saw in those 40 lost minutes.

Ms Bortoft, who hails from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, faced a significant medical challenge and defied the odds by surviving despite a low chance of recovery. She persevered through several instances of cardiac arrest and underwent a medically induced coma, reported the news outlet.

She said, “The first night was crucial, and it wasn’t looking good. Stu was told he should prepare for me not making it, but he wasn’t having any of it.”

“No one at this point knew what was going on apart from my immediate family, but my psychic friend got in touch with my sister and asked what was going on. She said my spirit was in her front room, and I was asking her to write lists for my boys and dad. I told my friend that my body was breaking down and I didn’t think I could get back into it, but she got stern with me and told me to go back,” Ms Bortoft said, recounting the events that transpired while she was unconscious.

“Meanwhile, in the hospital, my family was being told to prepare themselves for the end,” she added.

After waking from her coma, Ms Bortoft instantly asked for Stu. Miraculously, scans showed almost no damage to her heart or lungs, defying expectations mere weeks after her near-death experience.

“I recall, upon finally coming back into my body, that I knew exactly what I needed to do to heal, like a download of information. I realised you don’t die; only your body moves on, and that my mission here isn’t over yet,” Ms Bortoft told The Metro.

“I told the doctor I healed my lungs, and he asked how, so I shared my story. I left feeling elated and excited about my recovery.”

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