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Top US, China Military Officials Speak After Year-Long Halt To Talks

2023-12-21 18:40:53

Top US, China Military Officials Speak After Year-Long Halt To Talks


Top US military officer General Charles “CQ” Brown spoke with China’s General Liu Zhenli on Thursday, a spokesperson said, after a more than year-long halt to high-level military talks between the two countries.

China stopped the talks to express its displeasure over a visit by then-US House speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan in 2022, but leaders of the two countries agreed to resume them when they met last month.

Brown — the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff — “discussed the importance of working together to responsibly manage competition, avoid miscalculations, and maintain open and direct lines of communication,” his spokesman Captain Jereal Dorsey said in a statement.

He “reiterated the importance of the People’s Liberation Army engaging in substantive dialogue to reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings,” the statement said, referring to China’s military.

The two leaders also “discussed a number of global and regional security issues” during their video teleconference, the statement added.

Beijing reacted furiously to Pelosi’s August 2022 visit to Taiwan, scrapping cooperation with Washington on key issues including climate change, anti-drug efforts and military talks, and launching its largest-ever war games around the island.

China claims Taiwan as its territory and has vowed to bring the island under its control one day, by force if necessary, and bristles at any official contact between Taipei and foreign governments.

Taiwan lives under the constant fear of a Chinese invasion, and Beijing has stepped up its rhetoric and military activity in recent years.

US President Joe Biden met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in California in November for their first summit in a year, at which they agreed to restore the military-to-military communications and ease tensions between the two sides.

Biden described the agreement to resume the talks — which Washington had repeatedly pushed for — as “critically important,” saying that “miscalculations on either side can cause real, real trouble with a country like China.”

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