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‘In solidarity with…’: Pak caretaker PM bans New Year celebrations across country

2023-12-29 03:44:02

Pakistan caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar on Thursday announced a ban on New Year celebrations in the country to express solidarity with the people in Gaza.

In a brief address to the nation, Mr Kakar urged to show solidarity with the Palestinians and exhibit sobriety and humility at the New Year.

“Keeping in mind the seriously concerning situation in Palestine and to show solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, there will be a strict ban by the government on holding any kind of event for New Year,” he said.

He said that over 21,000 Palestinians were killed so far by the Israeli forces that “crossed all limits of violence and injustice” with around 9,000 children dead since the Israeli bombardment began on October 7.

“The whole Pakistani nation and the Muslim world are in a sheer state of anguish over the massacre of innocent children and genocide of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.”

He said Pakistan had dispatched two aid packages to Palestine while a third package was being prepared.

He said Pakistan was engaged in talks with Jordan and Egypt to provide timely aid to Palestine and to evacuate the injured present in Gaza.

Mr Kakar said Pakistan tried to highlight the plight of the Palestinian people on various global forums and would continue to do so in the future as well to stop the Israeli bloodshed.

Pakistan’s New Year celebrations are traditionally not huge due to the influence of Islamic groups who try to stop the festivities through various methods, including the use of force.

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Aditi Sharma

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Dec 29, 2023

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