You are currently viewing My house had became unbearable | Uorfi Javed #shorts #urfijaved #bollywood #struggle #life #family

My house had became unbearable | Uorfi Javed #shorts #urfijaved #bollywood #struggle #life #family

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“I was always bold. I always wanted to be a fashionable actor. Growing up in Lucknow, I did not understand why I was stopped from dressing or being a certain way. I could not understand how being a girl or my religion had anything to do with what I chose to wear. I was mentally and physically abused and felt dead from inside. I even tried committing suicide but in that one moment decided to give my life a deserving chance it deserved. I ran away to Delhi. I was just 17.
I started taking tuitions to support myself and paid my rent. Later, I started working in a call center. I would buy clothes in stock or sale and would try to design newer wears off them. I was always into clothes and wearing them the way in which I felt self-accepted and unapologetically myself.

Soon, I decided to go and try my luck in Mumbai. I used to stay at my friends’ houses while doing odd jobs, giving interviews and going for auditions. Often for food, I would struggle. After a brief period of struggle, I cracked a TV Serial, a childhood dream of mine. I started getting type casted into similar roles but felt grateful for the financial stability. I let go of that and tried my destiny in Bigg Boss OTT. But I was evicted within a week and back to square one. I began experimenting and uploading with the things I was best with, my passion for clothes! My expressions through what I wore, the world trolled me and called my choices rubbish and weird. I was questioned about my morality and character.

But not caring about faceless people’s opinions on the Internet, I kept embracing myself and expressed self-acceptance through my choice.

Today, we present to you someone who is standing against the world’s tide of unsolicited opinions, internet trolling and verbal or mental abuse.
Uorfi Javed, setting the podcast on fire with her raw self and way as a true rebel!

We talked about –
-Her early life and struggles back home in Lucknow.
-Running away from home at an early age and surviving independently.
-Coming to Mumbai and struggling as an actor
-Finding her own voice and talent through fashion as a DIY artist
-Seeking financial stability and breaking in the business of glamour
-Handling trolls, abuse and Paparazzi!
-Advice to embracing oneself and living unabashedly

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